About Us

Our Mission

WarFighter Super-Max Fuel Treatment and Performance Additive is designed to attack the forces that harm your vehicle: Water, Corrosion, Friction, Gunk, and Grime. We fight the battle so you and your vehicle can enjoy the victory of: Maximum Performance, Safety, and Longevity of Use.


About the Inventor of WarFighter Super-Max

All my life I have loved driving motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATV's and operating motorized equipment of all kinds. 

What I don’t enjoy is when they run poorly, break down, and leave me stranded because of fuel related issues. All I want is what everyone wants: more time enjoying them and less time tinkering with them. I want them to run at maximum performance, and I want them to last as long as possible. 

I have reviewed a lifetime of problems with all the combustion engines I have used over my life, and I see a pattern of water, corrosion, cleaning, and friction issues that can all be dealt with simply by improving the fuel. That is why I created WarFighter Fuel Treatments Super-Max fuel treatment and performance additive, to go to war with all these issues. 

If you love your vehicles and equipment at maximum performance, then you and your vehicles will enjoy WarFighter Fuel Treatments Super-Max.

- James Bouwens