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Here’s what the owner of a body shop and mechanic has said about our product:

I am a custom auto body guy and mechanic.  One of my customers had their vehicle towed to my shop.  I started checking everything out and I discovered a lot of water in the diesel fuel purge reservoir.  Someone had accidently put water in it instead of the radiator reservoir.  Fortunately, it had not been started yet.  I needed to get all of the water out safely and it was going to take a lot of work.  I remembered the WarFighter Fuel Treatment representative gave me a free sample and told me that the product absorbs a lot of water.  So, I poured in the fuel treatment and watched it turn milky white for a few seconds and then it turned crystal clear.  The water was completely mixed in with the diesel fuel and safe to burn now.  I started the engine and it ran perfectly.  No smoke, no spitting or sputtering.  I saw it with my own eyes and it worked just like he said it would.  This stuff is a real life saver and I am using it in all of my vehicles and equipment now and I have noticed a big difference in how they perform.  – Steve R. – Titusville, FL

Another happy client wrote:

I tried WarFighter Fuel Treatment Super-Max for the first time on my 2009 BMW 3-series that had gone through over a decade of neglect from the previous owner, and within a few days my car was noticeably more responsive.  Off of a stop it would no longer buck obnoxiously, but respond appropriately to the gas I gave it.  I have since treated it three more times and it has stayed that way before trading it in for a more eco-friendly Toyota Corolla.  The fuel treatment had the same noticeable effect on that vehicle.  – Landon T. – Orlando, FL

One of our rideshare clients wrote:

I can not say enough good things about this fuel treatment.  I was experiencing random RPM fluctuations in my 2016 Camry, which I noticed was also causing my gas mileage to take a dive and my fuel costs to increase.  This was very concerning to me, especially because I’m a rideshare driver.  I immediately noticed an increase in performance after the first bottle, as far as acceleration from a stop and acceleration at the 40MPH mark.  As I continued the treatment my car began running like new!  Soon after, my fuel economy and gas mileage returned to normal levels.  2016 Toyota Camry 121,000 miles.  Thank you, James, for having the product I needed and one that just works.  – James C. – Orlando, FL


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